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At: 29 km East from Kyiv

Boryspil International Airport is the largest passenger airport in Ukraine. It provides over 66% of aviation passenger air traffic of the country, each year serving more than 10 million passengers. It set its own record during Euro 2012 by making 630 flights in one day. The very first flight was on July 7, 1959.

It was named after its town location in honor of one of the sons of Grand Prince Volodymyr. Borys died in a fratricidal war and in 1072 he was canonized as one of the first saints of Kyivan Rus.

  • The airport has a unique structure. The dome consists of concrete plates with dimensions of 8.1 x 2.6 m each and weighing up to 7 tons. To lift the plates, the crane had to be located on an earthen embankment in height of 7 meters. Inside, the ceiling is covered with 1100 special acoustic panels.

  • In the ranking of the British agency Sky Trax, the airport took bronze among the others of Eastern Europe.

  • To avoid dangerous bird collisions, a special ornithological service operates in the airspace of the airport.

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