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At. 10-12, Lavrska str.

Arsenal is a famous Kyiv based company that was founded in 1750-1763 years to manufacture and repair artillery equipment for the Pecherska fortress. In 1764, the construction of a stone complex - workshops, warehouses and offices had begun. Later, a garden, a school, and a free hospital were built here. The factory initially produced carriages and ammunition, later Arsenal began to produce precision and optical mechanics. Also, the “Kyiv” cameras, which were used at the Pole and in the space, were produced here. Currently, the plant specializes in precision instrumentation, medical devices, banking equipment, traffic lights and gas meters in particular.

Since 2006 in one of the buildings there is the exhibition center Mystetskyi Arsenal here.

  • In 1855, in order to start foundry producing, there was constructed the first in the history of the city a technical water pipe with two steam engines and pumps.

  • The first mass-produced Soviet photo-camera “Kyiv-2” was an exact copy of the German cameras Zeiss Contax. In Kyiv it got due to the expense of reparations equipment of this company.

  • Arsenalna metro station is the deepest in the world, it’s 105.5 meters deep. It was one of the first five metro stations in Kyiv, directly near the plant and the parliament building.

- You can find most of the historical things and unique devices at the Museum of the Factory. To support the promotion of technical knowledge, do not forget to tag your photos!

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