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At: 2, Peremohy square

The National Circus of Ukraine is a theater, which is trying to make popular again one of the oldest arts in the world. The modern circus was built in 1960 with a seating capacity of 1900. Pseudo classicism style of the building is a typical pattern of the soviet architecture. The building has three parts. Basement floor with a three-storey building on the top with a colonnade. There is a dome, which is covered with a metal roof coating, having a lantern with a spire on the top. That is what making the circus different from the others. Reinforced concrete construction made without any scaffolding and sheathing. A special metal tower with a crane in the centre was built to finish the work. The second crane was set up outside. Gradually, the circus came to life.

  • The first stationary circus in Kyiv was called “Alcazar”. It had 2 floors, 60 actors, a ballet troupe from Naples and an amusement ride with 40 horses. After a year, an Austrian Ignatius Sobbot and the circus went bankrupt.

  • The most famous circus came to be in 1903 with the help of Petro Krutikov, then the governor and an excellent equestrian. At the time, it was the biggest circus in Europe with a three-tier hall and electric lights. Now there is a cinema called “Ukraine” instead. 

  • The modern circus performer Volodymyr Shevchenko used to train animals without making them do things. He was 14 at the time of his first performance with 6 lionesses. Moreover, his tango with a lioness, where he taught her to keep her clwas to herself, became famous around the whole world.

- What do you think about the future of the circus? Should animals be there?

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