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At: Tsytadelna street

Tsytadelna is a street in Pechersk district. It was named after Tsytadel or Citadel, a complex of fortifications – Kyiv Fortress. In 1579, сossacks led by hetman Ivan Samoylovych started a modern fortification uniting Old Kyiv and Pechersk fortifications. The next step was taken by Ivan Mazepa by the order of Peter I. The new Tsytadelna street was laid in the beginning of the 18th century during the process of construction of the first Arsenal (culture, art and museum complex) and the demolition of the Voznesenskyi Nunnery.

  • 2 old-time buildings are still there. The fragments of Vasylkivskyi ravelin (in the building №5) and former barracks (№3).

  • The even numbered street is occupied by the Arsenal built in 1764-1784. The building is no longer serves as a protection. Culture, art and museum complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” was opened here in 2006.

Guys, if you are into extreme, try to follow the fortifications route in Kyiv.

Describe them with words or drawings!

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