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At: 8, Semashko st. , 4A, Lobanovskogo st., 5, Shumskogo st.

Kyiv is №1 in top European cities for the number of skyscrapers in it. 

The city is a pioneer of high-riseconstructions,  so its roof sattract fans of beautiful views and thrills for a very long time. Usually, it’s very hard to get up on the roofs, as there are still many restrictions and safety precautions.

We’ll single out aplatform, which you canvisit for free whenever you want.

The roof of a high-rise building at 8, Semashko Str, has a great view on Sviatoshynskyi district. The popular dream about restaurants on the roofsal ready came true, yet the dream of all ecologists to have gardens on the roofs is still in the plans.

  • The viewing platform “Oleksandriiskyi” was opened in 2009 on the roof of 25-stored building. From 100 metreshigh we can observe the whole right bank of Kyiv, the Zhuliany airport and airplanes from here.

  • And in the evening, with the astronomical binoculars available for everyone, you can see the stars and the moon, drinking coffee. All together will cost you 50 UAH.

  • There are restaurants on terrace in such hotels as “Riviera”, “Vozdvyzhensky” and “Premier Palace”. And although the prices here are high, charming views are all worth it.

  • Up on the Shumskogo Avenueroof (Berezniaky), you can have a romantic evening and even a ceremony in a private decorated gazebo.

- Did you already choose the viewing platform for you? Enjoy the starrysky in the evening, take a picture of Kyiv at night and make a wish)

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