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At: Darnytsia district, Kyiv

Darnytsia is a district on the left bank of the Dnieper, residential area of  Kyiv, which has a long history.

The word “Darnytsia” consists of two parts. According to the old custom, people used to bow down with an open hand as a sign of a request to take a present.

During Kyivan Rus it meant the same thing as the modern word “gift”.

  • Archeological sites of the IV – III centuries BC were found in Darnytsia.

  • There is a picturesque park of Partisan Glory here. Also, this is where you can find squirrels that are not afraid of people anymore.

  • The Kharkiv highway, which runs along the district is called the “avenue of murals”. You can find more than 10 wall paintings decorating local houses here.

- Darnytsia is a big and interesting district. Choose your top 5 places for real traveller.

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