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М. Київ

Once Kyiv was Europe’s Greenest City. Despite the rapid building up, we still have 15 m2 of greenery per person. Ukrainians are people with the old agrarian tradition. You can see the fruit trees in every household. This love is also seen on the map – Lypky, Abrykosova, Vynohradna, Sosnova, Kashtanova and Sadova streets. All these names in Ukrainian are derived from fruits and other greenery.​

Planned planting of greenery, parks and avenues began in 18th century. Now there is a moratorium on removing greenery in Kyiv. Still, ecologists are constantly recording violations from developers.

We also have a number of trees-old timers, ranging from 100 to 900 years. 140 places of growth are recorded.

  • Grünewald’s oak of 900 years is still intact in Koncha Zaspa. 20-meters tree was named after a German artist, who created magical trees.

  • There is a 400 years oak named after Taras Shevchenko near the memorial house museum.

  • A basswood tree, which was planted by Metropolitan Peter 400 years ago, is blooming every summer near the National Museum of the History of Ukraine.

  • We also have the solar trees, which are powered by solar panels and are able to give energy. You can “charge” in the X-park.

- Friends, we are able to draw a map of distinguished places in Kyiv together. Send us some pictures with geolocation.

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