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At: 2, Vladimirskaya str.

Dytynets – is the central fortified part of the city in ancient Rus. For the most part it occupied an area of several hectares. Typically, these safe hidings for women and kids were built in comfortable places for defense (on the cape of rivers and hills) and surrounded by moats, trees, walls with towers and gates. A dytynets normally hosted princely and nobility’s 'yards, military and clergy' homes, and city councils headquaters.

  • During a hostile assault Dytynets was usually hosting women with children. Hence the name appeared.

  • Dytynets of Kyiv occupied an area of about 9 hectares on the Starokyivska Hill and was surrounded by wooden-earthen ramparts with a moat, had three gates - Sofia, Podilsk and Mikhailivska.

  • It is a reminder that in pre-Christian times, Volodymyr built here a new great pagan temple, united into a single pantheon of all Slavic gods. Its remnants were found in 1975.

- Оn this page Leave a one hryvnia’s bill. Are you surprise with this chelenge? It's simple - it depicts the dytynets of Kyiv already in the Christian era of Volodymyr 's rule.

Write a message for the descendants and hide somewhere on the territory of Dytynets.

Find the "Navel of Kyiv".

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