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At: Kyiv

Public company “Kyivenerho” takes care of the light, hot water and heat. This is an energy complex with the sole process of production, transportation and distribution of energy. Powerful thermoelectric power stations, the network of hot water system, cable and air transmission of electricity lines provide Kyiv with the electricity. According to the specifics and scope of the company, there’s no equivalents in the Eastern Europe. Kyiv has always been the first in the energy field. The first light bulbs in Kyiv came from Paris in 1878. They were put into a lathe operator workshop of the railroad shop. University professors went there to see how things work.

  • The first electric street railway in the former Russian Empire was launched in Kyiv. Château de Flers park was the first one to have lights. Nowadays we have the Dynamo Stadium here. The first power station of 150 hp (110.3 kW) provided a few buildings, local theater and 14 lanterns on Khreshchatyk street, which was the first street with lights, with electricity.

  • A hydroelectric power station and a pumped hydroelectric energy storage, a concrete overflow dam, a shipping lock, dams and floodbanks are located in the town of Vyshhorod, which isn’t far from Kyiv.

  • The biggest solar thermal power station of 6 megavolts in Kyiv region was launched in the village of Velyka Dymerka in 2017.

- The old building complex of Oleksandrivska power station from 1903 is still intact and you can reach it at the 2, Naberezhne highway. Make a selfie with “electrogranny”.

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