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Worn-out shoes is an art street object. The bronze sculpture of worn-out shoes was created and dedicated to hard work of insurance agents, who spend most of the time on foot. It was designed by Oziumenko brothers: Andrii and Petro. Each shoe is 80 centimiters long and 90 kilos in weight.

Now “Life insurance agent’s shoes worn-out during the hunt for clients” composition is in the National Register of Records of Ukraine under the name of “The biggest shoes you can try on.”

There is a saying that you will get lucky and get a great job after trying them on.

  • There is a fairy tale with the similar name “The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes”, where a king is trying to find out why his 12 daughters’ shoes are worn-out. The tale is said to be published by the Brothers Grimm, though we also have a version of it.​

  • There are shoes monumets all over the world. “Shida” rubber sandals are telling us about liberation war in Asmara, Africa. There are sneakers in Madrid. The World’s Largest Cowboy Boots in Texas. The most tragic one is a monument on the Danube’s riverbank dedicated to the tragic events of the WW2 – execution of rebels by a firing squad in Budapest.

- Would you like to create a monument and set it up in Kyiv? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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