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Polytechnic Institute (National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky") is a higher education institution of a technical profile. It was founded by donations of rich citizens in 1898. Now it is the largest university in Ukraine and one of the oldest in the world. The university complex originally occupied a desolate location, so its further development could spread around. Since then, it has been developing as a campus. Occupying 160 hectares, it organically combined conditions for studying, living, sports and cultural development.

  • The architecture of the Polytechnic Institute complex was performed in a popular brick style using Romano-Gothic architecture motifs (the first stage of construction) and the Art Nouveau style (second turn). The complex, which rises above the terrain, is characterized by the unity of style and materials, the architects used expressive crown elements - towers, tongs, chimneys, stepping attics. 

  • The construction of Soviet times also shows interesting constructive solutions. 

  • The Polytechnic Park was laid in 1903, in the popular then natural style. Students and teachers planted more than 200 species and types of trees and shrubs.

  • The collection of this unique park was badly damaged during the Second World War.

  • The University area has a Star Alley, which features signs with the names of the most famous teachers and students of the institution. Among them is the star of the renowned aircraft designer, inventor of the helicopter Igor Sikorsky. His name has been recently given to the university. Interestingly, he never finished his studies here.

- Conduct a quest with friends on the campus, learn more about older buildings.                                         

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