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At: 2, Saint Volodymyr Descent, Kyiv

A Philharmonic (from Greek – love for harmony) is a concert organization, which aims at popularizing music. In 1863, the branch of the Russian Musical Society opened in Kyiv and that was the beginning. The central building of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine and the Hall with Columns named after Mykola Lysenko are located in the old building used for the Merchants’ Gatherings. The two-floors building was constructed pretty fast – in one building season of 1882. The building was famous for its acoustics. Balls, lotteries and other gatherings were held there. Now it has a landmark status.

  • The Concert Hall is named after Mykola Lysenko, an outstanding Ukrainian composer, a founder of the Philharmonic Society and the Society of Actors, and Ukrainian Club.

  • During the renovation, it turned out that “marble” columns are very complex – a wooden core wrapped in horse haired mats and plastered. That is why the building has unique acoustics.

  • Once, Khreshchatyi Park was a place of gatherings for Merchants with a summer theater, a stage and restaurants near this very building.

- Will you be able to find a picture of a Greek goddess, who gave a name to the philharmonic? Well, let’s go and listen to the sound of the unique hall!

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