Kyiv funicular– is a funicular system which connect the historic Upper City and Podil in Kyiv. Passes through the steep Volodymyr hill with beautiful views of the Dnipro River. The funicular was opened on 7 (20) May 1905. The range of lifting stretch is 200 meters. It is the second in Ukraine after the Odessa funicular. when it opened, it was a progressive engeneering idea  to lay the rails on a solid reinforced concrete rack and lifting machines were good operate.

  • This is the shortest city transport route. It reaches 222 meters.

  • Until the mid-1930s, the funicular was considered a tram route and had a number.

  • The Kyiv funicular carries 2.8 million passengers every year.

Dear traveler of "Live City",

sit in the first carriage and draft the landscape outside the window.

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