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At: Zolotivorota metro station

Heorhiivskyi lane is one of the oldest ones in Kyiv located in the old part of the city from Reitarska to Striletska streets.
It was named after St. George’s church of the 11th century, which was ruined in 1936.

They say the church was demolished afterWładysławGomułka, the Polish communist leader, asked MykytaKhrushchov why does Kyiv has so many churches.The lane is the narrowest one in Kyiv with the carriagewayof 5.4 meters.

  • An outstanding architect Joseph Karakis created the building #2 for military men with the distinct bas-relief. He rejected the idea of building anything on the remnants of a church for a long time. In the end, it was possible to build it a bit further. The foundation is still here underneath the grass.

  • The most interesting building here is the Gates of Zhaborovskyi, which was a south entrance to the residence of Kyiv metropolitans in St. Sophia Cathedral.It is the 18thcentury monumentin Ukrainian Baroque with a metropolitan emblem and an ornament of acanthus and grapes.

  • Taras Shevchenko visited the building #11 and MykhailoBulhakov worked at the Hospital of the Society of Doctors.

-Learn more about the monument of the Protectors of Motherland’s boundaries. Who do you think was the prototype for the monument?

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