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At: 22, Khreschatyk Str.

The Central Post Office of the country is located in the Independence square. It was built in 1950-s. That is when the reconstructions of houses after World War II were completed.


The architecture of facades combines the strictness of the classical configuration with the picturesque pliability of forms of the Ukrainian Baroque.

  • Information about the first horse-drawn mail in Ukraine during the Cossack Hetmanate dates back to 1669.


  • There was a first post office of Kyiv on the place of current Central Post Office.

  • It was the first reconstructed building on Khreschatyk street.

  • The building was ruined in peacetime. A portico of Post Office had fallen in 1989, causing the death of 13 people.

- Dear friend, there is the mailbox near Central Post Office. You can write a letter and send it to your relatives. It’s a good tradition!

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