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At: 18/2, Bulvarno-Kudriavska street

Borys Hrinchenko is a writer, ethnographer, teacher, outstanding lexicographer and an author of the 4-volume Dictionary of Ukrainian language.There are few thing in Kyiv connected to him: a street, a plaque at 8 Hoholivska street and a university, where his traditions of enlightenment are being implemented. There’s a museum here as well. Moreover, a monument installed near the rectorate of BorysGrinchenko Kyiv University. It was built in 2011 with the help of students, professors and Kyiv citizens. This huge bronze sculpture of BorysHrinchenkoopens up an alley of poetsas a symbol of a word, which is a basis for any artistic expression.

  • We can find the 19th century literary vocabulary, folklore and most dialects among 68 thousand of words in the vocabulary.

  • Hrinchenkowas not allowed to edit the dictionary, whichwaslater named after him, for a long time, due to him not having a degree.

  • Hrinchenko wrote a lot for children and published 50 books with his own money.

  • He also published a magazine at home called “Kvitka” (a flower) for his daughter Nastia.

- Learn more about the riches and the beauty of Ukrainian language in the e-dictionary of B. Hrynchenko. Find all the words with the initial letter “И” and share it with your friends!

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