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At: a street in Strokyiv district in Kyiv

Khreshchatyk is the central street, administrative and business center of the capital. Its length of 1200 m is considered to be the shortest central street in the world. It runs in the valley between the Pechersk and Starokyivsky hills. In the documents of the 17th century the valley is referred to as the Crossing, since it was crossed and intersected by ravines. The current name it officially received in 1869 and throughout its history was repeatedly renamed. During the Second World War it was totally ruined. The street naturally fits in three central areas of the capital - Besarabska Square, the Maidan Nezalezhnosti and European Square.

  • Historians are now restoring the destruction timeline of most of the buildings here during and after the Second World War. There are several versions of how the buildings were blown up and why some buildings were not repaired but disassembled after the war. Older classicism style Khreshchatyk buildings can be seen between Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street and Besarabskaya Square.

  • A holistic architecture ensemble appeared here during a large-scale post-war construction. Khreshchatyk has clearly-marked zones: residential buildings are on the odd-numbers' side, public buildings with ground floor shops are opposite. It is such a dynamic space repeating the landscape. The even-numbers' side is lined with a small boulevard - a place for walks and recreation. Now this ensemble with its building innovations, exquisite stylistic decoration and holistic image claims the UNESCO monument status.

  • The Khreschatyk Metro Station opened on November 6, 1960 as the first line of the Kyiv underground system. This is a mix of classic monumental techniques with ethnic motifs. The predominant color of the station is majolica panels with complex vegetational ornaments. Engraving with the sunflower and corn images are on metal cornices.

- We are waiting for you photos of interesting architectural details of Khreschatyk. Let's create a catalog of such findings together.

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