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At: Instytutska street, Pechersk district

Instytutska is one of the central streets in Kyiv. Until recently, it ran from Khreshchatyk street to Klovskyi descent. People were shot dead here in 2014, when Revolution of Dignity happened. In 2015, half of the street was renamed to an alley of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes in the memory of the fallen. The name Instytutska was given to the street in 1842, when the Institute for Noble Maidens in Kyiv was opened. The street was always business and commercial center. A number of exquisite buildings, National Bank of Ukraine in particular, can still be found here.

  • The initial name of the street in the 18th century was Ivanivska. Moreover, the roots of the street go back to Kyivan Rus. It used to run from Lach Gates to Kyiv Pechersk Monastery.​

  • The Institute for Noble Maidens in Kyiv was built in classicism style by a well-known architect Vincent Beretti. Girls in the age from 8 to 13,5 were able to get in. The payment was moderate to high. Philanthropists paid for studying of some of the girls. The graduates were allowed to teach in noblemen’s and merchant’s households. They were also eligible bachelorettes.

- Go and look for traces of Italian architects on the Instytutska street. We promise you a bonus for an incredible story of yours.

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