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At: 10, Academician Hlushkov avenue, Kyiv

Hippodrome is a racecourse. The modern racecourse was built in Kyiv in Holosiievo neighborhood during 1962-1969 and it covers 45 hectares area. The main racing field has 3 tracks now. The racecourse has 9 stables for 40 horseboxes each. Each stable has a working riding hall. Now they have 250 horses on the premises.

The history of equestrian sports in Kyiv began in 1867 with the foundation of the Training Horses Society and the construction of the first riding hall in Lukyanivka neighborhood. Later, Syrets and Pechersk neighborhoods had their own fully equipped racecourses. During the winter period, the citizens of Kyiv were enjoying riding horses on the frozen Dnipro river.

  • The racecourse on Pechersk, which was constructed in the beginning of the 20th century, became a favorite one for Kyiv citizens. It was built in the Neo-Renaissance style with a two-tier stand and a restaurant. Only fragments are available to us now. Each of the 3 tracks on the racecourse has a purpose. The first one is for training. The second one is for trot course and prizes. And the third one is for muscles training.

- Go and look for a fragment of an old Kyiv racecourse. Would you be able to draw it as it was years ago?

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