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At: Yaroslaviv Val str.

Cariatyd (Greek καρυάτιδα, "The Priestess of the Temple of Artemis in Caria" (a city near Sparta) – is a statue of a dressed woman; it was introduced by ancient Greek architects to support the entablement, and for other supportive functions. In other words, it’s a buttress, replacing columns, pillars and abutments.

  • Stone chimeras – Nechistyuki brothers - Tim and Sim - hold the balcony of house 1, Yaroslaviv Val street.

  • Atlant - a son of the Titans, supposedly possessing a tree with golden apples, a connoisseur of heaven and earth, hence the collection of atlas maps. In architecture the column of  male figure is called Atlant.

  • The Greek legend shows that caryatids are prominent women from the city of Karaia. They were accused of betrayal of the Motherland and sold into slavery. They were forced to work hard - to carry heavy loads.

Have you already stood under Tim and Sim?

What should caryatids be like in the XXI century? Draw how you see it.

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