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At: Hydropark territory

Kiev in miniature is an open-air museum in which miniature copies of iconic Kyiv buildings and objects are brought together. It is located in the recreation area of Hydropark. Before making a layout, experts created a complete photographic description of the original. Now, in the park of 1.8 hectares territory, 50 objects were recreated. A tiny town is inhabited by 700 dolls. Here you can see St. Andrew's Church, the Lavra, the Maydan Nezalezhnosti Square, the Boryspil airport and other interesting places.

  • The layouts are made at a scale of 1:33. A team of 20 specialists is working on creating new and supporting existing copies.

  • Recently, the museum has changed its status. Now, it’s is more of “Ukraine in Miniature”, as here you can see sights from almost all regions of our country.

- Take a picture with one of Kyiv miniatures. Write some incredible story about this monument. Be the author of a new legend! You’ll get a prize from us!

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