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Ad: on the corner of Vyshgorod st. and Osypovskii Str.

The park was founded in 1850 by Wilhelm Krister. The Kristerov Hill 

is a part of the “Parkove city” residential park. Its area is 4.3 hectares. Swans, wild ducks and 4 species of animals entered in the Red List live on its territory.

  • Wilhelm Christer, the founder of the Hill studied the weaving industry in Germany and arrived in Kyiv at the Prince Radziwill’s invitation.

  • Already in 1850 he bought a big piece of land in 54 hectares and started the greening of the city.

  • He ordered and grew good seedlings, exotic one as well, and also he had created reservoirs for fish breeding. Krister also had the biggest apiary in Kyiv.

- There’s a 400-year-old oak in memory of Krister. You need to have a walk in the legendary park to see it. You’ll definitely take a unique photo!

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