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At: Lybid River in Kyiv

Lybid is a legendary river in Kyiv, right tributary of Dnipro River. It represents a supporting letter Y (И in Ukrainian). There is a theory that the name was derived from a bird – lebid (swan in eng.). It is mentioned in the old east slavic chronicles of 968. Toponim is also connected to the legendary sister of Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv, the founding brothers of Kyiv. It used to be a deep river. Now it is pretty much locked up. It resurfaces near the Lysa Hora hill, where there is a proper sign. Urban life damaged the river. Some activists, eager to bring Lybid to life, suggested a plan for a revitalization of the river based on the experience in the other countries.

  • The river used to be a natural fortification. Lybid River floodplain used to host a number of mills near the modern Peremohy square. Premier Hotel Lybid was built at the exact spot, which has a bas-relief of Lybid, a princess and the sister of the founding brothers.​

  • It used to be clean. In 1857, people drank from it. Cadets from the military academy used it for different purposes. In 100 years, the river was filled with wastewater and became an ecological disaster.

- Let’s try to bring Lybid River back to life together! All you need is to buy the special souvenir.

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