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At: 11, Prorizna Str.

Lift for one person is an unusual Kyiv monument, located in an old five-storey building. The width of the cabin is only 60 cm. It is so small that an adult can only walk sideways. The elevator was built as an addition to the building in the 1950's of the last century. They say they never planed it. But later, one of the versions became a legend saying that it was built by a General’s order for his sick wife, or for his own safe secluded rise to the apartment.​

The legend of the General really has its reasons, although it only happened with one of the first Kyiv household lifts. It was established in 1891 in a manor house on the 32, Hrushevskogo street for General Mykhailo Drahomyrov, who was wounded in the leg. By the way, it is him that Ilya Repin portrayed as Sirko in his famous painting “Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks …”

  • In 1913, after another construction boom in Kiev, there was a special decree on the operation of lifting machines issued. The document regulated security measures, limited the lifting speed to 1.5 m / sec. and made it necessary for elevator boy to be there. By the way, he was supposed to be at least 18 years old.​

  • There are two elevators “M” and “W” in house №8 on the Pankivska street. They are painted according to the gender preferences of users. But only residents and their guests can see them and take a ride. Tourists are not welcomed here.

- What will get you to the 5th floor faster: the lift or the stairs?? Check it! Oh, one more idea - can you make a selfie in this elevator? Send it to us!

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