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Вул. Хрещатик

Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the central square of Kyiv, where all the important events take place. It was mentioned as a place for hunting called Perevisyshche in 945 for the first time. It became the main square of Kyiv in 18th century. In 1991, in the aftermath of Ukraine getting back the independence (nezalezhnist in Ukrainian) the square got the modern name. The word “maidan” means a square, an open space. It used to be an administrative centre and the centre of social life in the times of Cossacks as well. Due to the massive democratic protests of Ukrainians, the term “maidan” became well-known around the world.

  • 1,8 million people gathered on Maidan on the 8th of December 2013 to stand against the “widespread government corruption”, “abuse of power” and “violation of human rights in Ukraine”.

  • Lach Gates were located here in times of Yaroslav the Wise. Now there is a sculpture of a patron saint of Kyiv – Saint Michael the Archangel. The fragments of the ancient gates are still here.

  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti fountains have their own light and music show during the warm seasons. 75 pumps, 18 acoustic systems, more than 600 LED lamps are working for the show. Music was chosen by Kyiv citizens with the help of online poll.

- What do you know about the protests of modern days? How do you think is better to commemorate them? Tell us!

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