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At: Mykhaila Нrushevskogo Str.

Mariyinsky Park is a park in Kyiv and the unique memorial of gardens and parks design located near the Mariiinsky Palace. This gorgeous Palace was built in 1755 in baroque style by the architect Rastrelli’s project.

The park was established with the assistance of Russian imperator’ wife Maria Oleksandrivna and named after her. It has classical landscape style with a bit of English touch.

Nowadays, the presidential ceremonies take place in the reconstructed palace. There is the Verkhovna Rada next to it.

Also, there is a viewing platform and a stage in the park along with numerous monuments. 

  • Park was renamed many times. In different time it was called as Rehularnyi, Tsarskii, Dvirtsevyi, Oleksandriiskii, The Park of Victims of revolution, Kyiv Park, Proletarskii and Radyanskii.

  • There are more than 80 species of plants here; they say even the imperator’s coca bush was growing here too.

  • The Longest Red carpet of 265 meters was rolled in the park at the opening of Eurovision 2017.

- At the viewing platform there is a magnifying viewer. Tell us what you have seen from it. Can you describe your emotion in one sentence? Also, near to the Pak there is a Bridge of lovers. You know what to do!

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