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At: Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kyiv Metro is high speed underground transport system. It was opened in 1960. It consists of 3 operative lines with total length of almost 70 km. The passengers can ride 52 station and 3 underground hubs in the downtown.

Kyiv Metro is considered to be the symbol and glory of the capital as its stations have architectural and cultural heritage.

  • Zoloti Vorota station with its frescos is considered to be one of the most beautiful stations in the world.

  • One metro car places nearly 330 passengers.  There are 122 escalators in Kyiv metro.
    What is in common between football and metro? When drivers start their work they got penalty cards, three tokens of green, yellow and red colors.  They are taken away for violation as opposed to football where they are given. Green is taken away first, then goes yellow.

  • The longest distance of 3 km and 46 m is from Vydubychi to Slavutych station, which takes 6 minutes. The shortest one of 766 m is from Teatralna to Khreschatyk station.

- Draw a map of associations with metro. Along with each station indicate the word associated with it. Shoot a video about your favorite station of the Kyiv metro.

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