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At: Kyiv

Kyiv is the city, where gigantic paintings on the wall and frescos were made even in times of Kyivan Rus (9th-13th). That’s why we welcomed a modern street art culture with open arms. The main cluster of paintings on facing walls came to be due to Geo Leros, an artist, a director and an author of the CityArt project. In 2015, muralists from all over the world came to Kyiv. Today, the capital has 153 murals by 32 artists. The mayor’s office declares a hundred more murals to come in two years.

  • The philosophical mural “Labyrinth” on the Dmytrivska street is in “the top 10 murals in the world” list according to the StreetArtNews.

  • “The Earth and the sky” mural-fresco on the Akhmatova street was declared the biggest byzantine fresco in the world. Though, the critics pay too much attention to an unnaturally thin leg of an angel, five floors in length.

  • As of 2018, you can see the largest number of murals on the Bazhana avenue. They are planning to create 30 more artworks within the ArtUnitedUs project.

- Try to create your own route with murals in your neighborhood. Use the book of Geo Leros – “KYIV STREET ART”.

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