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At: Kyiv, Maidan Nezalezhnosti

The Kilometer Zero is a special sign in the downtown of Kyiv, which symbolizes the starting point from which distances are traditionally measured. In Kyiv, it is located near the Central Post Office on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square. However, distances are measured from the corner of the Post Office, without taking into account the portico. This is a white marble column, where five doves fly around our blue globe, symbolizing five parts of the world. You can also see here the exact geographical coordinates of Kyiv and the distances to other Ukrainian cities and world capitals. Earlier, there was a sculpture of heavenly patron of Kyiv Archbishop Michael here. Now you can find it also on Maidan, but in another form.

  • The position of Chief Postmaster of Kyiv was introduced in 1775. The Chief was tempted for this troublesome work ... with a state-owned apartment. He had only two subordinates, and those were soldiers.

  • The famous proverb “all roads lead to Rome” is also associated with a similar column. The local Kilometer Zero is a starting point for the roads of the glorious empire. A fragment of the bronze column, in which the indicated parts of the world and the names of the provinces, are preserved to our days.

  • Unlike most capitals of the world, Athens has no Kilometer Zero. On the mainland, distances are measured from the central squares of Athens and Solonik, and on the islands - from the port berths.

- With the help of the Kilometer Zero, try to appoint a meeting by New York or Sydney time. Write us about it!

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