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At: Kyiv, Obolon district

Obolon is a historic area, located on the right bank of the Dnipro, on former floodplain meadows and floodplains. This is where the ancient Rus name Obolon (flood plain near the water) comes from. In ancient chronicles this area is mentioned as Bolonna. The battles with the nomads, as well as fights for the princely throne took place exactly here. Modern construction of the area was carried out in the 1970’s on the artificial soils. This is a large uptown area of ​​the city, which with the subway got a good connection with the downtown. When constructing an array, the natural features of the area and the proximity of the Kyiv reservoir were taken into account. In order to protect the array of flood, the coastline was raised for almost 5 meters.

  • Obolon was an important city center. According to some reports, not in the downtown, but here the ancient cape of the pagan god of wealth and fertility Veles was located. Exactly here people argued for fertile soils in Middle Ages. Local land conflicts had to be resolved even with hetmans interference, such as Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Mazepa.

  • You can feel the patriotic mood of Kyiv in Obolonska embankment. There are about fifty sculptures and unusual buildings here like Sleeping Sun under the blanket, fairy tales’ heroes such as Kotyhoroshko, Zmii Horianyn and the Froag-Princess. Also, this is a great place for setting records. Here you will find the largest flag of Ukraine and a stairs-embroidery (vyshyvanka) with huge roses.

- How about you setting funny record here, for instance hopping on one leg or eating ice cream?)) It will be fun!

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