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40A, Volodymyrska str.

Garden park sculpture - a kind of plastic that is intended for decoration of gardens and parks. Can have decorative, propaganda, instructive and memorial character. It has a long
tradition in theart of Western Europe.

  • Park sculpture "Pantyusha" is erected for a Persian cat Panteleimon, who died during a fire in the restaurant "Pantagruel". WARNING! Do not be confused with Behemoth from the novel "Master and Margarita" written by Bulgakov.

  • The sculptor Bogdan Mazur put a small bird side by side with "Pantyusha". But it was cut down many times. So the cat is left alone.

- The next challenge is very complicated! Hold Pantyusha by the tail and ear and make your wish. Write it here, and soon check whether the cat has fulfilled your dream.

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