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Poshtova Ploshcha metro station, Podil district.

Postal Square is one of the most ancient squares in Kyiv. Archeologists found the IV century
settlements here. During the Kyivan Rus times here probably was one of the eight market squares, which are written in chronicles about. It was named after Post Station where people were working with the correspondence and where the horses of the postal employees were taken care of. To this day only the classicism station building has been preserved from the
Post-Diligence complex. Now it is the exhibition of "Ancient Kyiv" here.

  • At the end of February 2015 during the diggings on Postal Square, the archeologist found the whole street from Kyivan Rus times. They want to make a museum here. There is the lower funicular station here, which connects Podil with the Upper City. The river station, which was built in the form of a huge ship with a felling and a mast, after the reconstruction in 2010, became the touristic center of the Podil.

  • The restored Church of the Nativity of Christ is famous for the farewell to the genius Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko during the transportation of his body in Kaniv.

- There is a charming fountain in the Postal Square. Imagine the way it can be modernized. Try to draw it!

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