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At:15, Bogdan Khmelnitsky str.

The National Museum of Natural History – is a scientific and educational institution, one of the largest natural science museums in the world. The museum is located in the center of Kyiv in the former Olga’s gymnasium. It’s area is 8000 m². Its 24 halls display over 30 thousand exhibits about the origin, structure and evolution of the Earth, its flora and fauna, the history of material culture of tribes and peoples inhabiting the territory of Ukraine.

  • The word "Mammoth" comes from the Mansi "Mangont" (earthen horn) - the name of the fossil tusk. The name entered into all other languages after the animal classification.

  • There are many paleontological findings in Ukraine. Most remnants of the mammoth were found in Mezin, Chernihiv region.

  • Scientists began to think about cloning,after the discovery of mammoths. It is proposed to add the mammoth DNA to the elephant's egg and wait for the offspring.

- If you found the best confectioner shop in Kyiv "Yaroslava" you definitely have new ideas.

- What do you think, what artefacts from the present will end up in the museum after two thousand years? Make you list!

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