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At: between Podil and Obolon areas

Rybalskyi island is actually a peninsula, but because of its interesting configuration, it is perceived as a separate territory. Geographically, it’s is a long spit, which separated the Dnipro and the well-known Pochaina river. During the Turkish wars of 1710 and 1718, barks with public supplies for wintering were imported from the harbor of Pochaina. The life of the locals was concentrated around the port and shipbuilding. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a well-known Rybalskyi market here.

The name, derived from the ancient settlement of Podil fishermen (rybalki), still remains relevant. Now this is a wonderful mix of neglected industrial and wild nature. But people still come here to fish.

  • In the 1930s, the Lenin’s Smith Factory (Lenin’s kuznia) was built here, where not only mortars, but also manufactured machine guns and other weapons were built. The military glory of the plant resembles the restored artillery ship “Zhelezniakov” in the Moriakiv park.

  • Near the Kontraktova Square, there’s a skate park by the Dnipro. Fans of rollers, skateboards and bicycles improve their skills here. 

  • Activists and architects offer the new Urban concept for Rybalskyi Island. They plan to build a low-rise building, up to 21 meters, significant expansion of the streets, innovative parking and recreation areas. There will be even ... a new 20 m wide canal, thanks to which, Rybalskyi Island will turn into a small Amsterdam.

- This is the best place in Kyiv for photos in urban exploration style! We’re waiting for your creative pics!

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