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At: 3, Postal Square

Kyiv River Port and Station is located on the right bank of the Dnipro in Podil. This historic area from ancient times was a trading part of the city, where goods were delivered mainly by the water transportation. The new construction of the River Station was opened during Soviet times in 1961 in Postal Square. The building has the form of a large motor ship that is docked to the pier. The construction is multi-staged: four floors from the side of the pier and two from the side of the square. The ship part has a captain's bridge, a mast, a deck and even a campus. There is a spire on the top of a building, where the caravelas are painted, representing the emblem of the Dnipro River Flotilla. After years of decline, river shipping in Ukraine is prospering again. You can buy a boat tour here. Since 2016, the river station is also under the reconstruction.

  • Kyiv river harbor, laid in 1897, was named after the Emperor Nicholas I and was the largest in the Russian empire. There is a restored St. Nicholas Naberezhny church in honor of the sailor's crypt near the station. This is the first and the only temple in Europe, located in the water area.​

  • In the interior of the river station there are unique mosaics in the style of constructivism, created in 1961. According to art historians, these works began a new stage in the monumental art. After them, public buildings throughout the Soviet Union were decorated with mosaics, paintings and stained-glass windows. Ukrainian professionals offered an innovation: for mosaics, they used ceramic tiles and colored cements. Nowadays, these works need an urgent restoration.

- Buy a ticket and take a river tour. Write us about your impressions and we’ll give you a bonus!

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