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At: a street in Pecherskyi district

Shovkovychna is a street in Pecherskyi district. The name of the street was derived from the garden of mulberries (shovkovytsi in Ukrainian) that was destroyed, when Lypky neihbourhood was filling in with people and the street was established as it is.

The street is filled with buildings of the 19th century, which depicts all the peculiarities of an aristocratic block in Kyiv. The later on constructivism buildings of 1930s and neoclassisism buildings of 1950s came in and were welcomed by the 19th century architecture. The street is considered to be valuable in the history of city planning.

  • The legendary mansion of Mykola Kovalevskyi (an unofficial name is Arabian house) is located here. It was built in 1913 by a famous architect Pavlo Alioshyn. The palace was very comfortable at the time. It had all the amenities: light, a ventilation system, a telephone and an elevator… Even a dovecote and a narrowy sleeper compartment-like room to commemorate the day he met his wife for the first time. The special mechanism used to shatter the floor in the room.

- Try to create a map with all the “green” toponims of Kyiv. You will get a special treat for that!

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