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3, Ivana Franka square

"Shvejk" is a monument to Hnat Yura, famous actor and director. Here he is portrayed in the role of brave soldier Shvejk, who was his favorite character. The play based on the novel by Czech humorist Yaroslav Hashek was directed in Ivan Franko theater back in 1928 and had a huge success. But among other things, it is also a monument to the most popular character that first came into the world in Kyiv!

The little-known fact is that the author Yaroslav Hashek was in Kyiv during the First World War. Being a journalist and an editor of a newspaper, he gets into prison for his nonconformity to a senior officer rank. This is where in 11 days, Hashek writes the story of “Good Soldier Shvejk in captivity”, which later became the prototype of a great novel.

  • There are 200 productions and 100 roles of Ukrainian and world classics in the creative work history of Hnat Yura. Not only did the actor work in the Franko theater, but also headed it for a long time. He also lived nearby, on Olhinska street.

  • There is a belief that you’ll get lucky if you rub a belt buckle of Svejk.

  • The story of "Good Soldier Shvejk in captivity" was published in 1917 in the "Czechoslovakia" printing house in Kyiv. Currently, only two copies of the publication have left. The editorship was located on the Yaroslaviv val street. Alongside there was a "Near the Golden Gates" coffee house, where Hashek had a fight with an officer and was arrested.

Need some luck? Try to rub Shvejk’s belt buckle. If it’s not working, read the story of “Good soldier Shvejk”, because the great humor will definitely make you feel better.

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