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At: 3, Poshtova Str.

Syrets is an ancient green area, a residential area between Babyn Yar and the railway. In the XVIII century it became a part of the city. The first mention of it we can find in 1381, when Prince Volodymyr presented Syrets to the Dominicans. It is believed that its name was derived from the tributary of the Dnipro, which has a length of 9 km. There was always a high humidity in its flood. As described in 1666, there were eight dams and mills here, after which there were 29 gardens, breweries and bricks appeared here. From the clay, a famous in Kyiv yellow brick was made.
The present-day look of the area was acquired in the 1950s, when it was densely built up with five-storey houses called Khrushovki. Syrets has preserved lush green area and a nice atmosphere of the suburbs till now.

  • Syrets is famous as the heart of gardening and agrarian innovations. Carl Meier began to grow seedlings, fruit trees and even champignons here. Highly productive strawberries from its nursery at the end of the nineteenth century brought Kyiv the glory of a “strawberry resort”.

  • But there’s a sad part too. The bad glory came here after the tragic events of the Second World War, when the German occupation carried out massive shootings of Jews, POWs and Ukrainian nationalists. There is a historic memorial reserve here and a Holocaust memorial is planned to be built. 

  • Kyiv TV tower is a kind of center of the area. This is the highest lattice free-standing construction of the world, 380 m height. It was opened in 1973, but originally the project was prepared for Moscow. It was rejected there because of “aesthetic mismatch”. On the contrary, Kyiv accepted it and everyone now admires the creative backlight of the tower.

- Do you want to visit Syretskyi Park? There is a Kids’ railway here! We’re waiting for your route report!

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