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At: 33, Lavrska Str.

The Singing Field is a place for different concerts in Pechersk Landscape Park. It is located on the picturesque Dniper hills near the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and The Motherland Monument. 

You can observe a stunning view of the river from here. The meaning of “the singing field” itself denotes an open space for concerts and festivals. Recently, they also started to hold different flowers exhibitions here.

  • This place is popular thanks to Oleh Skrypka, who organized “Kraina Mriy” (The Land of Dreams) music festival every year here.​

  • Thematic Flower Exhibitions excite everyone with their creativity. Here you can find the land of dreams, giants, chess, the world of colors etc.

- Plunge into the flower paradise: find your favorite place in the Singing field and take a picture of it.

Send it to us, we are waiting!

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