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At: 2, Khreschatyk Str.

The Ukrainian House is a centre of the national idea and international exhibitions in Kyiv. It was built in 1982 as a museum of Volodymyr Lenin, who was the ideologist of Marxism, in the historical area of St. Volodymyr Hill, where the first Kyiv hotel “Europe” was. The Kyiv citizens ironically named it “the box” because of its rectangular shape. A 5-meters-high marble Lenin’s figure was here up to 1991.

During independents years this place changed its function several times.

Now it is famous as the main business, cultural and public center. The total area of house is 17550 square m. including the exhibit hall of 8 850 square m. The building can place more than 3000 people.

  • One of the versions says that the interior of house was borrowed by architectures from the idea of NY Guggenheim Museum with its spiral well in the middle. 

  • During the 3 years building, rats were suddenly found out. The ground under the foundation was filled in with a beer to get rid of them.

  • During the Revolution of Dignity (2013-14) the Ukrainian House became the confrontation arena of protesters and security forces.

- How do you think, what is the future of Ukraine like? How would you decorate the Ukrainian house? Try to draw it.

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