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60, Volodymyrska street

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in Ukraine. Created in 1833 by the decree of Emperor Nicholas I immediately after the suppression of the Polish uprising of 1830-1831 for the sake of de-polonization and Russification of Kyiv and the region. Subsequently, it becomes a powerful center for enlightenment, scientific thought and the democratization of society. The main building of the institution, often called simply "The University", has an unusual red façade with black details. The colors belong to the Order of St. Volodymyr, whose name the university originally bore. Neoclassical style building is designed by a well-known architect Vincenzo Beretti and has two facades, not just one. The second led to the current botanical garden, which the construction design originally included. Back at that time the street's location was not yet decided. The University is a huge educational complex of institutes, faculties, Maximovich library, a botanical garden, an astronomical observatory and a student campus. 

  • In 1939 the University was named to honor the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko who worked here in the archive committee. The dissolution of the Cyril and Methodius community and Shevchenko's arrest in 1847 interrupted his work, but not the connection between the poet and the university. After returning from his exile Taras Shevchenko wrote "The Yuzhnorusski ABCs" for Sunday schools, the idea of ​​which spurred in the walls of this institution. 

  • In the middle of the 19th century there were already 20 museums in the university, including botanical, zoological, geological and exotic numismatics. The collections of the University's antiquities later turned into the first archaeological museum in Kyiv. Currently, there are 10 museums here, including the modern ones - virtual.

- Look for the second facade of the University. Send us photos of the oldest trees in the botanical garden, which are planted here at its foundation.

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