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At: Vozdvizhenska str.

Potteries/Honchari – are a historic area. Located along the Potter/Honchari Street. It has been known since the times of Kievan Rus as a settlement of artisan-potters (their shops existed here until the XIX century).

Kozhumjaky/Tannery - a historic locality. Stretches along the streets of Kozhumiatska, Vozdvizhenska (part of the street) and Degtyarna. The name is from the artisans-tanners. It is immortalized in the ancient legend of Nikita Koshumjaka/The Tanner, who saved the inhabitants of Kyiv from death, winning the battle with the snake-assassin (the symbol of the nomads - the enemies of Rus).

  • At this place the professional life of potters, tanners and other artisans unfolded until the 19th century.

  • Archaeologists have discovered the first settlements in Kyiv along the tracts.

  • At the address 25,Vozdvizhenska str. the remains of the 13-14 century manor were excavated.

- Walk along the tracts with good music. Compile your own play list and compare your mood in different seasons.

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