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The park bridge was built over the Strait of Venice in 1966 to connect Hydropark and Dolobetskii island. Due to the original arched form and perfect configuration it became one of the most picturesque bridges in Kyiv.  

  • Part of the left bank of the Dnieper is called the Kyiv Venice as it looks like famous Italian city which consist of islands surrounded by straits.

  • Once it was Peredmostova Slobidka settlement here.

  • The bridge was opened a year after the opening of Hydropark, which is a special place for spending summer holidays with many beaches, restaurants and other entertainments.

- There are 8 bridges over Dnieper in Kyiv now. So, if you are not tired, you can easily walk to Metro Bridge and further. Let’s turn the pedometer in your cell phone on.  Describe the feelings in the notebook. Go on!

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