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At: 5, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Str.

The Verkhovna Rada is a unicameral parliament and the only legislature in the country.

450 members represent the Ukrainian nation. They are being elected for five years by equal and direct secret ballot.

The building is the example of Ukrainian classical architecture. The glass dome provides the room with natural light. The facade is decorated with sculptural compositions representing workers, peasants, scientists and intellectuals.

The name of the Verkhovna Rada comes from the Cossack assemblies of the 17 century.

  • The session room was made for 1000 people.

  • There’s a crystal chandelier in a shape of sunflower that weights 4 tons.

  • Verkhovna Rada is the first governmental institution in Ukraine which created the 3-d tour of the parliament building together with Google.

  • There’s the main flag of Ukraine in the building, which was brought here on the day of the establishment of independence on August 24th, 1991.

- Dear friend, they say there are hidden passageways under this building. Write your own opinion about the reason they’re here.

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