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At: 1,Volodymyr Descent

Volodymyr hill- is a park in Kyiv, founded in the middle of the XIX century. The park is located on the upper and middle terraces of the Mykhailivska Hill. Ordering and planning of slopes began in the 1830's. Around 1900 a panorama of Calvary was built on a hill (was destroyed in the 1920s). In the center of the park there is a monument to Prince Volodymyr, followed by the alley of the middle terrace, steps from the upper terrace and steps from Volodymyr descent.

  • In the dark, the cross in the hands of Volodymyr shines with illumination. It is an old tradition. At first, it was illuminated with gas horns, later - with electricity, now - with modern spotlights.

  • Strange things happen here. They say, people with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases get well.

- The gazebo on the Volodymyr hill is a great place for a selphi.

Sit down in the gazebo and write 10 words to describe Kyiv.

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