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At: Volodymyrska str.

Volodymyrska street – is one of the oldest streets of Kyiv. Part of the street from Babynsky Torzhok (the Tithe Church) to Sofia Gate emerged not later than the end of the X century. Ran through the most ancient parts of Kyiv - the City of Volodymyr and the City of Yaroslav. Led front of the Golden Gate entrance to the main church - St. Sophia Cathedral and the princes and knights palace acropolis (on the Starokyivskaya hill). The alternative name is the street of the Ukrainian revolution.

  • -Volodymyrska street is the most ancient in Kyiv. It is almost a thousand years old. At first it was called the Bridge.

  • -One hundred years ago Central Council of Ukraine was created here and the main events of the national revival took place here. It is The Museum of the Ukrainian Revolution now.

  • - The legendary artist Vrubel lived in the Volodymyrska street.

- The Opera House is here. You can book tickets on-line. Students have a discount. Let’s find an automatic coffee machine with the most tasty coffee at Volodymyrska street. Tell your friends about your finding.

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