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At: European Square

European Square is an old Kyiv square located between Trohsviatytelska street and Saint Volodymyr Descent. The main street - Khreshchatyk – comes from here.

It is a kind of mix of architectural styles and park zones. It used to be called the Yevseikova Valley. The very square was fully ready in the beginning of the 19th century. It connected a commercial Podil district with an aristocratic Pechersk district. The name of the square was changed 7 names in the course of history. The modern name came to be in 1858 for a short period of time when one of the first modern hotels in Kyiv – “Europe” was built with Beretti’s architecture project. The name was restored in 1996.

  • There was a fountain - in the heart of the square - named after then-Governor Ivan Fundyklei. And women took water from here for their households.

  • In time, a wooden pavilion came to be here and the tram routes were lied around it. In 1892, the first tram in the Russian Empire back then was launched here. The line was in use until 1977.

  • Today, the square has a Philharmonic, a Ukrainian House, a Puppet Theater, a library and a “Dnipro” hotel here.

- The European square was famous as a platform for innovation. What about now? Any thought on innovations? Draw it!

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