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At: Reytarska Street, at the intersection of Zolotovoritskaya and St. George's Lane.

"The Hedgehog in the Fog" – is the cartoon film by Yuri Norstein. Released by the studio Soyuzmultfilm in 1975. In 2003, the "Hedgehog in the Fog" was recognized as the best cartoon by 140 film critics and cartoonists from different countries. Park sculpture Hedgehog appeared in Kyiv in 2009. The author of the idea is public organization "Kyiv Landscape Initiative".

  • The sculptor is Konstantin Skrytutsky. He also designed the Landscape Alley, the intellectual monument and many others.

  • The Hedgehog has received more than 135 international awards and in 2003 it was recognized as the best cartoon for all time and people.

  • To the surprise of the masters of world animation, the fog in the cartoon is created with the help of ordinary ... tracing paper.

A unique chance to be a scriptwriter! Try to imagine the continuation of the animated film "The Hedgehog in the Fog".

Oh, I'm intrigued by the name of the monument. Do you have your own version?

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