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a market in the Desniansky district

"Yunist" is a market in the Desniansky district of Kyiv, which arose with the active development of left-bank residential areas of the capital. In 1971, the collective-farm market was opened here and got its name from the tram stop "Yunist Street" nearby. It has ​​mixed trading area type - selling food products, construction materials, as well as various spare parts and components. It is popular among Kyivites due to its wide assortment and affordable prices.

  • According to the old European tradition, each city district had a market square in its center, the inhabitants of the neighboring houses could walk there and bring home their purchases. Back in Prince Yaroslav times there were 8 trading places in Kyiv. Today, the city has several old-fashioned shopping centers which never changed their locations - Besarabka, Zhitny, Lukianivka, Kurenivka, Demiivka.

- Find interesting facts about the markets of Kyiv of the Soviet period. We have some bonus for this information.

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