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At: 15, Andriivsky Descent.

The Castle of Richard the Lionheart is poetic name of a house at 15, Andriivsky Descent. The manor was built in English Gothic style at the beginning of 20th century. The Kyiv citizens named it after Richard the Lionheart who is the character of Walter Scott’s novel “Ivanhoe”. Monumental facades of the building are decorated with different types of towers, spiers, and the completion of the walls is similar to a castle’s. Now the house is restored, but investors couldn’t build a hotel in it. 

  • The house project was borrowed by developers in order to save money. The exact same building should have been built in Saint Petersburg.​

  • This house has a bad glory as there were fires here, the owner died at a very young age; dwellers were coming and going, so were ghosts!

  • As it turned out later, strange noises were caused by broken glass and eggshells in the chimney. Angry workers put it there because of scrooge developer, who didn’t pay them.

- There is a viewing platform on the top of the house. It’s a romantic place for proposal, painting and selfies. Let’s go!

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